Just a bit about me....My younger days were spent on a farm in Kansas where school, farm work, and church took up my time. Dirt roads, wheat fields, and open pastures will always feel like home.

Having graduated high school, I boarded a plane for the first time and left for Namibia, Africa to work as a missionary. During the next four years I developed a love for travel and different cultures, which took me to 12 different countries in Africa and Europe.

​After traveling abroad, I returned to the Midwest to pursue a degree in Media Arts, majoring in photography. My adventures have now taken me to Raleigh North Carolina, where I currently reside.


I've always had a passion for visual art and bringing SIGHT to people's VISION. We see the world from shoulder height. As a photographer it's my job to look at the world differently, to see what others don't, to look beyond what is and to see what could be. Photography is more about vision than sight. Sight is a function of the eyes, but vision is a function of the imagination. Anyone can learn to take technically correct pictures, but it takes creativity & vision to reveal the full potential of a subject.

And that's my job, to see you at your best and capture it .

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